Doozers Play-Along Stories

Watch and interact with three Doozers stories! Your preschooler can interact with each scene through easy-to-follow prompts for a fun, engaging story experience.

Pod Squad Boogie:
The Pod Squad is performing in the Starlight Concert, but when they hear other Doozers singing, the group decides they need to do something unique to stand out from the crowd. Using the sights and sounds around them, they each discover their own favorite sound and invent new instruments inspired by them.

Doozer Derby:
Doozer Creek is hosting the Doozer Derby, a design-your-own Doozer Derby Cart race. The Pod Squad want to enter but they can’t settle on just one design. After making their own failed carts, they agree to combine their ideas and make the perfect cart sure to win the race!

Butterfly Away:
The Monarch butterflies are making their annual migration through Doozer Creek when Daisy Wheel notices a single butterfly still lingering in town. The Pod Squad decides to help get the butterfly back to the others without scaring it away.

The Jim Henson Company
January 2014 – September 2014
Mobile App
Developed With
Unity3D, C#